Oncologist-Directed Solutions for Cancer Therapy & Drug Discovery™

Certis PDX mouse models have proven to be more clinically relevant

    • Orthotopic Patient-Derived Xenografts (PDXs)
    • We surgically implant a tiny slice of the human patient’s tumor into the corresponding, or orthotopic, location (pancreas, liver, lung, etc.) in immunodeficient mice.
    • Mouse tumor growth and metastasis replicates the tumor behavior in the patient – in contrast to subcutaneous and tumor transplant models.
  • The technique is employed to provide individualized precision therapy for patients as well as a unique drug discovery platform.

Certis PDX: A Patient’s Story

After My Son Was Diagnosed With Sarcoma

Certis Roundtable: This Is About Patients



SAN DIEGO, AUGUST 13, 2018. Certis Oncology Solutions and Reveal Biosciences today announced a strategic partnership in which the two companies will collaborate to provide an innovative, next-generation suite of pre-clinical oncology services. 

Oncology for Drug Development

Orthotopic PDX xenograft models are a superior offering for simulating clinical trials.

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Certis PDX Solutions for Oncologists

Oncologists benefit from Orthotopic PDX patient-directed therapy.

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Certis PDX Solutions for Patients

Orthotopic PDX models are the most clinically relevant PDXs.

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Orthotopic PDX extended the patient’s life and provided a higher quality of life. Failure of the Standard of Care guided the therapy for a 2nd treatment, which was obtained by IND.

The Orthotopic PDX identified an IGF-R inhibitor as active and the patient responded well to an IGF-R inhibitor drug administered with a compassionate-use IND obtained from the FDA, based on the Orthotopic PDX results.

Orthotopic PDX is a proven technique that increases the precision of cancer therapies and individualizes treatment.

There is an urgent need to personalize chemotherapy treatments.

1.68 million new cancer cases and more than 600,000 cancer deaths are projected in the USA alone this year. Half will be treated with chemotherapy. Our patented technique marks a medical breakthrough for chemo patients. We are advancing the industry from “therapy by best guess” to ”therapy by precision science.”

We transplant tumors from patients into mice where – thanks to our science – the tumors grow and metastasize the same way as in the patient. By growing multiple, simultaneous mouse implants, we can rapidly determine precise, personalized treatment for the patient.

We are working to take this life-saving technology out of the research lab and offer it to as many cancer patients as is possible.


Step 1

We obtain tissue from your tumor.

Step 2

We surgically implant your tumor in mice, where it grows and becomes established in a few months.

Step 3

We test multiple drug therapies on your tumor in multiple mice–at the same time.

Step 4

We give your doctor accurate data about which drugs work best at fighting your cancer.