Our Technique

In Greek, Orthotopic means “the correct place.”

Certis services are based on a technique known as Orthotopic PDX. (Orthotopic means “the correct place.”) We take a very small specimen of the human patient’s tumor and surgically implant it into the corresponding anatomic location (pancreas, liver, lung, etc.) in immunodeficient mice.

Using our techniques, we have demonstrated the ability to rapidly grow individual patient tumors in mice at a high rate. The Certis PDX models more accurately replicate human tumor growth, metastasis and response to therapy, making it more immediately clinically relevant than other models.

The data created by Certis PDX models has been used to obtain an experimental drug for a critically ill patient suffering from an aggressive cancer that was not in the standard treatment protocol. In this case, the data from the models resulted in FDA clearance of an off-market Investigational New Drug and the patient’s life was extended by more than two years with a high quality of life.