Certis PDX Solutions for Patients

Certis Oncology provides the world’s only orthotopic xenografts.  These Orthotopic PDX models are proven to be the most clinically relevant PDX’s, enabling oncologists to better personalize your treatments.

Orthotopic PDX has been validated as the fastest and most accurate route to discovering the right drug for you. Our mouse models are proven to accurately reflect human metastasis, enabling positive outcomes.


In the Orthotopic PDX model, tiny slices of your tumor are transplanted into the corresponding, or orthotopic location (pancreas, liver, bone, etc.) in immunodeficient mice.  The mouse tumor growth and metastasis replicates your tumor’s behavior – in contrast to sub-cutaneous and tumor transplant models. The process enables the concurrent testing of multiple drugs in multiple mice against metastasis, which is the lethal aspect of cancers, as well as against the primary tumor.

Orthotopic PDX increases the accuracy, effectiveness and timeliness of treatment of your cancer and the opportunity to discover and develop more effective cancer drugs.

Why Orthotopic PDX?

• Only Orthotopic PDX models metastasize similar to clinical cancer.

• In Orthotopic PDX models, the primary tumor develops in the organ corresponding to its origin and metastasizes to mimic the complexity of tumor behavior in patients.

•Orthotopic PDX models are therefore the most clinically relevant for drug discovery and evaluation.

We typically see 4 months or faster establishments (vs 6-9 months for PDXs).  The earlier we get patient tissue, the better we can address the 2nd line therapy (1st line is typically Standard of Care).

The Orthotopic PDX offer for you: Once we obtain your tumor, we will surgically implant it in our immuno deficient mice.  Once the tumors grow, we will passage them multiple times to insure future growth [per our validated model].  We can use core needle biopsies or surgical samples.

After mouse implantation, we will cryo preserve these tumors. At any time, should the Standard of Care Therapy fail, they can be taken out of cryo, regrown in mice and used for future testing.

Benefit: Certis Oncology will test your tumor in animal models to determine the best course of therapy. These models simulate the human condition better than PDXs, due to our Surgical Orthotopic Implantation technique. The results are faster than other available models.

Requirements: Certis Oncology requires patient consent, for which we provide forms. We are compliant with HIPPA privacy and confidentiality regulations.

Reasonable cost:  Orthotopic PDX pricing is more reasonable than competitors. We will only charge if we have success implanting so we can proceed to testing.