Certis Oncology | Pre-Clinical Research Offerings


Certis conducts clinical research at our new 7,000 square foot lab in Sorrento Valley, California. Our lab is CLIA certified for high complexity and we are currently expanding our vivarium and our tumor bank. We are affiliated with oncologists and scientists from UCLA and Memorial Sloan Kettering. We provide sophisticated mouse models for testing drug data for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

With Orthotopic PDX, various drug therapies can be tested simultaneously in multiple mice. Once passaged, our tumors are genetically analyzed and all of our tumors are banked and cryogenically preserved for future therapy testing. 

Our pre-clinical services include:

   1. Guidance in selecting models
   2. Execution of drug screening and efficacy studies
   3. Individual patient drug-efficacy information
   4. Data analysis and reporting
   5. Assistance writing and publishing papers
   6. Assistance writing grant applications
   7. Grant sub-contracting

SCHEDULE A LAB VISIT: Info@certisoncology.com 

One patient’s journey with Certis Orthotopic PDX (2-minute video)