Pre-Clinical Research

Certis Oncology provides drug discovery for the world’s leading
genetic researchers, pharmaceutical
companies, biotech and academic laboratories.

We offer three services:

  1. Customized Orthotopic PDX Research Services
  2. In Vivo Mouse Models
  3. Tumor Banking

Certis Oncology is assisting the world’s leading genetic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories as they undertake new drug discoveries for aggressive cancers.  Orthotopic PDX is the most clinically accurate mouse cancer model. Any drug can be tested on any Orthotopic PDX tumor type.

The Orthotopic PDX technique represents clinical cancer, especially with regard to metastasis and drug sensitivity. Effective drugs can be rapidly discovered and evaluated in Orthotopic PDX models utilizing human tumor cell lines and patient tumors.

Certis Oncology provides customized contract services for in vivo drug evaluation, including developing cancer models, design of individual protocols, and performing entire research programs. We also provide expertise, data analysis and reporting.

Ongoing feedback maximizes the flow of information, allowing optimum study flexibility and the development of the best possible solutions.  Your overall process is facilitated by a dedicated project coordinator.

To learn more about Certis Oncology’s pre-clinical oncology services, please contact us at