Human Cancer Cell Lines
for In Vivo Models

Effective drugs can be rapidly discovered and evaluated in models utilizing human cancer cell lines and patient tumors.

• Cancer cell-line orthotopic models of all major tumor types
• Selection of hundreds of human cancer-cell-line mouse models
• Cell lines for in vivo and in vitro studies, including patient derived cell lines
• All cell lines are engineered to express fluorescent proteins
• Includes orthotopic human and murine cancer


AngioMouse® fluorescence imaging technology
We have utilized multicolored fluorescent proteins to develop imaging models of tumor angiogenesis. Intra-vital as well as non-invasive imaging can visualize angiogenic vessels at both primary and metastatic sites.
  • Allows visualization of cancer cells expressing one- color fluorescent protein interacting with its blood vessels expressing a different color fluorescent protein.
  • Highly valuable for discovery and evaluation of anti- angiogenesis agents.
StromaMouse™ fluorescence imaging technology
StromaMouse models express one or more color fluorescent protein in stromal cells and cancer cells express a different color fluorescent protein.
  • Enables study of the tumor microenvironment and is ideal for discovery and evaluation of anti-stromal therapeutics.

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Available GFP and RFP Cancer Cell Lines