At Certis, we develop custom orthotopic mouse models of specific human cancers, enabling the pharmacokinetic analysis of multiple therapies simultaneously. In drug preclinical development, our approach delivers more accurate, scientifically relevant data to improve lead optimization, reduce development risk and expedite the path to clinical trials.

O-PDX and In-House MRI Deliver a New Level of Precision

Science has established that murine O-PDX tumors recapitulate the human tumor microenvironment far better than subcutaneous PDX and other commonly used models. Utilizing these very specific models combined with Certis’ in-house MRI and analytical software remove subjectivity and human error from tumor measurements.


Custom Solutions: Our Tumors or Yours

Our tumor bank of well-characterized, patient-consented tumors is continually growing. Certis collaborates with a number of industry leaders, private practices and hospital systems from which we source a broad array of tumor tissues and malignancies. Our scientists will expertly develop your custom orthotopic models using commercially available or client-supplied tissue or cell lines.