AUG 2, 2017: UCLA study provides roadmap to more personalized treatment for soft tissue sarcoma and other aggressive cancers

PDOX has long shown great promise in modeling how sarcoma and other cancers can respond to and resist therapies.

A new UCLA study, published in JCO Precision Oncology, is the first to identify patient and tumor characteristics that predict the successful creation of PDOX models and which types of sarcomas are most likely to grow as xenografts. The research, which is the first and largest PDOX study in sarcoma, gives physician-scientists a much-needed roadmap for personalizing therapies for the disease without placing patients at risk for treatment-related complications or ineffective therapy.

Disclosure: Eilber, Hoffman and Singh are co-founders of AntiCancer PDOX, Inc., a company that assists genetic researchers, pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories in the development of personalized medical solutions for cancer.

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